New Things To Do

My seeming addiction to blogging challenges has led me to register for Thing-a-Day. For each of the 28 days of February, participants are challenged to spend “up to 30 minutes a day creating something. It doesn’t have to be spectacular, it doesn’t even have to be good.” How might this something be created? It doesn’t matter, but some suggestions are: knit, cook, code, paint, record, grow, solder, mix, spin, draw, and write. So one could simply share 28 recipes (with, I suppose, a photo of each completed dish,) or even more simply, write 28 “humorous essays” (in other words, slightly longer versions of one’s usual blog posts.)

I have some fun ideas in the queue, but of course with life, the universe, and everything else to deal with, some photos of macaroni and cheese will inevitably creep in. But that’s okay, as the whole point of the challenge is to provide a daily creative exercise and enable participants to enjoy the “pleasure of making stuff and sharing it.”

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