Invent Your Own Holiday

The question has been posed: Create your own holiday–what would it celebrate? What would its traditions be? When would it be celebrated?

There are already so many official holidays, unofficial holidays (Super Bowl), and made-up days (Talk Like A Pirate Day) that I can’t imagine that adding one more will add any value to our already full calendars.

But, if I were to wish a holiday into existence, I’d create one celebrating the values of the Enlightenment: “a critical questioning of traditional institutions, customs, and morals, and a strong belief in rationality and science.” It would also celebrate the idea that we should each try to make the world into a better place than we found it. This would be more than an annual admonishment to recycle, though, it would be a time for people to dream of the world they want to live in.

For such a holiday to have traditions would seem rather paradoxical, as the questioning of traditions is celebrated on this new holiday. Indeed, following this line of reasoning would lead to the holiday itself being questioned critically. I would hope that it would withstand its own scrutiny and not simply disappear in a puff of logic.

As for when the holiday should be celebrated, my first thought is the Fifth of November, after V for Vendetta, one of my favorite movies. However, this is already celebrated as Bonfire Night in the UK. So after putting extensive thought into the matter, I’ve decided to pick a date totally at random: the eighth day of the year.

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6 thoughts on “Invent Your Own Holiday”

  1. Hey, I came up with that prompt! Glad you liked it enough to use it, and I also like your idea. For a nation founded in Enlightenment ideals, we Americans do a fairly poor job of honoring that legacy.

  2. As the 8th day of the year is my birthday, I think this is a splendid idea! And I like the idea that the tradition would be to question traditions. Nice.

  3. I say we should be allowed to take the day after a Pride Parade in our local areas off as a holiday, serving as kind of a rotating holiday. A day for contemplation, hang over remedies, and wondering why at my age did I stay up all night dancing in that tent. However, you can only take the holiday once so any Pink Cards would need to be scanned and cross-referenced against the national database.

  4. I like your concept of Enlightenment Day. And I agree with you that our calendars are full enough with some ridiculous “holidays”.


  5. How about everyone just shut the hell up during the entire month of December. No sucky commercials and death to my enemies. Then I get a jet pack.

  6. We don’t need a new holiday because we have a nice flexible custom: birthdays are the most important holiday. I’m celebrating the unique character of each member of my family, and that’s the time — not Christmas or any other holiday — when I try to give extra special gifts.

    “The Mingling Empress”

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