Five on the Fifth

It’s time for five on the fifth, a monthly event in which you are encouraged to take five photos on (or leading up to ) the fifth of the month, and then post them.

Let us begin the story with dessert. On Thursday, I went out to dinner to celebrate a birthday (not mine, fortunately) and the birthday boy set his sights on a steak house. Fair enough. At least it wasn’t sushi. So we enjoyed not just a meal, but a feast. And when it came time for dessert, I was near to bursting, but it just wouldn’t be a birthday without some sort of dessert. So I ordered a humble cookie from the menu, which, when delivered, was large enough to feed a family of four for a week. It was delicious, but I certainly was making faces when it was finished.


Friday was rather uneventful, but on Saturday, we went to “December Nights,” (formerly “Christmas on the Prado,”) an annual event held at Balboa Park. The museums in the park open their doors free of charge for a night or two, and the avenues of the park are filled with entertainers and vendors of food and crafts. One of the first places we visited was the model railroad museum.


We also experienced the Museum of Photographic Arts, a junior ballet’s abbreviated production of The Nutcracker, a display of the beautiful costumes used at the Old Globe theater, and the Henri Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit at the Museum of Art. There was also more singing and dancing than I would have thought possible.

Today would have been a lazy, do-nothing day, if it weren’t time to doll up the house for the holidays. During the decoration process, I discovered that the shelf over the fireplace had been slowly detaching itself from the drywall and could collapse at any time. Lest they suddenly end up on the floor, the tchotchkes occupying the shelf had to be evacuated. My favorite of these is a scrap metal Boba Fett that I got at the San Diego Comic-Con a few years ago.


I then brought out Robo-Tree, the artificial tree that I bought last year. It is basically just a set of lights formed into the shape of a tree.


I also bought a curtain of snowflake shaped lights at Ikea. I thought that they’d look so much better in the window than the usual outline of colored lights.


What a busy weekend. I’m almost ready for another day off.

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