No, Thanks, My Arms Are Tired

Today was apparently “Opt-Out Day,” upon which air travelers are to choose to have their goods manhandled rather than being blasted with radiation and leered at by someone in a frosted glass booth. I’ve heard, though, that most people are still taking the scan over the pet-down, some out of a sense of futility with the protest, many out of squeamishness, and most are simply in a hurry.

I suspect that after this token protest, the traveling public will simply accept the backscatter scanners and the personal searches as just another inconvenience to be endured in order to enjoy the convenience of air travel. We have adapted to shoe inspection, three ounce liquids, random friskings, and on and on in the name of security. People show up to the airport in muscle shirts, shorty-shorts and flip flops. Nothing up our sleeves, pants, or shoes.

And everything will be fine until some loony walks into the airport with a stick of dynamite up his keester. From then on, we’d probably have to change into paper gowns after checking our bags, then to undergo an examination by a proctological specialist or a full-power X-ray. And I doubt my health insurance would cover that.

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3 thoughts on “No, Thanks, My Arms Are Tired”

  1. “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both” — Ben Franklin.

    What would Franklin do?


  2. I’m not sure how I feel about this issue…I guess it depends on who would be manhandling my goods. Ya know, if he’s a hottie, bring it! ((Shallow much?))

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