Microfiction: Melancholy

Welcome to Microfiction Monday, where an image paints 140 characters or fewer.

This, too, shall pass

The crunching of the leaves underfoot was the sound of time’s advance. She’d outgrow these family nature walks someday. Just not today.

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13 thoughts on “Microfiction: Melancholy”

  1. I agree that there is something about autumn that does speak of the passage of time and you’ve caught that feeling of melancholy very, very well! Terrific one for the day, Erik! Hope you have a great week!


  2. Your story has a tender poignancy to it…Before her parents know it, she’ll be spreading her wings to fly from the nest. Excellent!

  3. Kids grow up too soon these days…thank you for allowing one to go on a walk without an electronic device attached to her head. :)

  4. Loved the photo. And you’re right–they grow up so fast! I can’t believe all of my children are in their 40s. Treasure these wonderful moments.

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