Five on the Fifth

It’s time for Five on the Fifth. Once a month, you are encouraged to take five photos and blog about them.

We suffered a heat wave about a week ago. “It’s Summer Two,” I said without any enthusiasm whatsoever. The pattern that I have observed in this area is that we have summer, which is hot. Then it cools down just a little bit, and all the shops pack up all their fans and beach towels in favor of giant pencils and pumpkins (and fake pine trees, if they’re feeling especially commercialist.) And then it’s suddenly scorching again. And if you’re really unlucky, the heat dries out all the vegetation, and if you’re really unlucky, it catches on fire. That probably won’t happen this year. It has, oddly enough, been raining.

rainbow cliche

Although the seasons here aren’t as pronounced as they are elsewhere in the world, the temperature still drops, the nights grow longer, and some of the trees change their leaves. Soon it will be time to close up all the windows and think about changing the thermostat.

autumn cliche

Of course, it will soon be time for my favorite holiday, Halloween. A day of costumed revelry. And among the scarecrows and pumpkins, a memento mori for us to ponder as the growing season comes to an end, and frost tickles the ground.


Another symbol associated with Halloween is the black cat, often accompanied by witches, but sometimes symbolizing them. Why witches are celebrated at Halloween is a good question. I suspect it has something to do with the lengthening nights and the things that could possibly lurk in them.

sour puss

This last image has little to do with the weather or the season. It’s just a row of pylons along a section of C Street. The street was strangely empty, and the cloudy light gave the scene a calm and quiet feeling.


As I’ve said before, I don’t mind a bit of fog, clouds, or general gloom. I do find the rain to be just a bit annoying. Not so much for the wetness it causes, mainly for the lack of sense that the local drivers exercise in it, due, I’m sure, to its unfamiliarity.

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