Zombie Apocalypse

I stumbled upon this questionable query earlier today:

The object to your left is now your weapon of choice in the upcoming zombie apocalypse. What is it?

I will fight off the zombie hordes with an electric alarm clock. Laugh if you will. But consider that the clock’s light but nontrivial weight and six foot cord make it ideal for twirling about, Nunchaku style. Of course, zombies will most likely be little impressed by my weapon prowess, and utterly unfazed by a swift whack to the side of the head by a non-trivial chunk of plastic.

Fortunately, an alarm clock can also be used as a distraction, if the power grid hasn’t fallen, and if the zombies are the type to be distracted by things other than living brains.

But even if the zombies are only interested in brains, the alarm clock can serve a function other the creating a distraction. It can be MacGyvered into an anti-zombie weapon with the addition of gasoline or whatever other explosives might be gathered up.

So, one could end up with with far worse anti-zombie weapons. A sack of laundry, for instance, a glass of water, or an Ikea lamp.

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