Enter September

I have a spotty record when it comes to blogging challenges. If I recall correctly, I successfully completed two out of four official NaBloPoMos, one out of two unofficial NaBloPoMos, two out of three Holidailies, and I gave up on the Thirty Day Meme.

But I’ve gone ahead and accepted another unofficial NaBloPoMo challenge. Why? I suppose I’m just plain nuts. The theme of the month, should I wish to embrace it, is art, meaning that art can be discussed, shared, or both. And if I run out of ideas, I have a “backup” plan. (And yes, I do expect you to imagine my making “finger quotes” there. And there.)

I’ve also decided to participate in the Readers Imbibing Peril (RIP) reading challenge, which runs from September 1 to October 31. To participate, simply read and review at least one “scary” novel, short story, or film. I would have finished at least one book during this time anyway, so why not join the fun and make it a “scary” book?

It’s suggested (but not mandatory, by any means) that participants list a few “scary” books they may be thinking of reading. I’ll have to check my shelves. There are a great many there that I’ve collected and are yet to be read…

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2 thoughts on “Enter September”

  1. Awesome to have you participating in RIP V! I always hope that by at least having the one book only option that folks can feel like they succeeded with the challenge as well as just had good fun. Best wishes for this year’s NaBloPoMo. I hope this year works out as a win for you.

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