Day Six

This is the story of Day Six of the Grand Road Trip. The plan for today was simply to return to San Diego. As such, this part of the story will be rather anticlimactic. After breakfast, the car was loaded and a course set for home. Onto the open road!

… Or not. Three lanes of highway traffic were merged into one due to construction. It was a long, long wait to get past. But then, the open road!

the road

Clearly, the lesson for today is to always check for traffic reports along your intended route, especially for known conditions such as construction work. (Now we know! And knowing is half the battle! Ba-na-na na na!)


Though I’d driven Highway 15 to Las Vegas before, that was in the dark. This time, I got to see what I had missed. And that was, apparently, sand and yucca trees, with the occasional giant thermometer to break the monotony.

"World's Largest" Thermometer

Eventually, we reached Barstow, where we stopped for burgers. After that point, though, the desert soon became a memory as civilization surrounded us once again: gas stations, supermarkets, Carl’s Juniors, Starbuckses, and not another yucca in sight. As the scenery grew more and more familiar, I kept one hopeful fact in mind— I still had one more day off.

I find that it’s always nice to have one extra day to rest when returning home, just to ease the shock of transition back to the daily grind. Is there a name for such a day? If not, there should be. How about “Epilogue Day?”

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