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Today’s prompt instructs me to share “a photo you took.”

I took this photo on Friday when I attended the Star Wars In Concert concert.

Of the way, get out!

It’s a statue of Yoda. There was also a statue of See-Threepio, there was a statue of Plo Kloon and there was a statue of that green, tentacle-headed Jedi master. There was a mannequin wearing Queen Amidala’s windchime wig, and mannequins dressed as her handmaidens.

A Handmaid's Tale

There was a mannequin dressed as Darth Vader, a mannequin dressed as Chewbacca, and some mini-mannequins dressed as Ewoks.


There was a case of blasters, a replica of Han Solo frozen in carbonite, and a small art exhibit. I admit, I expected just a tiny bit more from a “traveling museum,” but I was satisfied with what I saw, since I really came to hear the concert. I could hear the orchestra tuning up, and from time to time, the choir would emit a terrific “Fa…! Fa fa! FA! Fuh-FA!”

So the show began and we were treated to live music from all six Star Wars movies, accompanied by movie clips on a huge screen, and a laser show. I’m not as familiar with the music from the prequels (except for the “Fa…! Fa fa!” thing) as I am with the music for the original trilogy, so some of the concert seemed “new” to me. The older music sounded almost exactly as it does on the soundtrack. (I’m sure they put great effort into that. You know how fans can get.) The Cantina piece sounded a bit different, which I am sure is due to the instruments present. There was another piece (I don’t recall which) that sounded as though they had added some cellos or something, but in my opinion, it sounded pretty good. Also, I’ve never heard of a triangle player being cheered for before, but it happened. And good for her.

In all, it was a pleasant evening’s entertainment.

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