On The Further Tickling Of The Fancy

Say what you will about this, but today’s thirty day challenge prompt is again “whatever suits your fancy,” and I decide to go and do a Friday Five.

1) If you could turn invisible, what would you do with this ability?
I would sneak into Disneyland. Of course, getting onto rides while invisible would be problematic. But sneaking a peek behind the scenes would be a cinch. I’d really have to watch my step, though. I’d probably get mowed down by a subterranean garbage hauler or something if I wasn’t careful. Maybe I’d better set my sights lower and use the power of invisibility to just sneak into places like concerts and movie theaters.
2) If you could fly, how would you do it? Wings? Rocket pack? Purely under your own power, like Superman?
Definitely under my own power. But there are some stylish options in that category. For example, you could will the wind to bear you away in the manner of the Mighty Thor or Ororo Storm. Or you could tap into the Earth’s magnetic field and levitate to your destination in the style of Magneto. My personal choice would be the classic power of telekinesis. It’s a multitasker.
3) If you could tranform into other people, look however you wanted, how would you choose to look, or who would you turn into?
I’d disguise myself as a kindly Senator. Meanwhile, I would manipulate a trade federation into blockading my home district, in the hopes that it would spark a civil war. Then, I would usurp supreme political power. But then, Samuel L. Jackson would just come along and somehow melt my face for no reason. So it probably wouldn’t be worth it.
4) If you could turn into an animal, which animal would it be?
5) If you had superpowers, would you use them to become a vigilante superhero, fighting crime?
A vigilante called The Shadow once said something like, “There are many hands to tear leaves from the tree of crime, but few to strike at the root.” I believe that he meant that he targeted mob bosses and the like. I would propose going further than that and fighting the reasons that crime exists. Of course, caution must be taken, as Well Intentioned Extremism lay in that direction.
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