On Music, Again

Today’s prompt is to share “a song that makes you cry (or nearly).”

I’ll tell you the story of the last time a song got me all choked up and misty eyed, since I can’t think of any particular song that will reliably bring on the tears. And if you didn’t already think I was a huge nerd after reading yesterday’s post, I expect that you will have no doubts after reading this post.

Now, I am sure you are probably guessing that I turned on the waterworks at the Star Wars concert that I went to a few weeks ago. Nice guess, but that was actually not the case. I would say that my mood that night was more excited than reverent. I’ve also heard most of those songs a hundred times before.

Quite some time back, I was asked to find some better hold music for a certain company’s phone system. Immediately, I knew exactly which song would make perfect hold music and started Googling for “Sim City 3000 Music.” I was expecting to find a crappy MIDI file or a bootleg MP3. Instead, I found to my considerable and pleasant surprise that EA has made the music available for free.

So I immediately downloaded “Night Life” and submitted it to the interested party. Sadly, but not at all surprisingly, it was rejected. In the end, I think that person went with something like a collection of absolutely thrilling sound bites narrated soulfully by someone from New Zealand, or was it India? Maybe it was Brookyln. Whatever. I just wish I knew why certain people waste my time by asking for my advice when they’re just going to disregard it because they’ve already made up their minds as to what it is they want to do.

So you might, at this point, be guessing that “Night Life” brings me tears of frustration because it reminds me of former co-workers. Another nice guess, but still not correct.

The true story is not quite as interesting of a story as the tangental story. One day, I learned that my new car stereo could not only detect my phone via Bluetooth, but could also use it as a media player. I wanted to try that out immediately, but my phone had no music loaded, and I was at my work PC, which didn’t have any, either. I searched again for the EA site and downloaded all the SimCity 3000 tracks to my phone. That evening, I set up the Bluetooth link between phone and stereo, and began the arduous journey home.

As I rolled along the downtown streets, the song “New Terrain” filled the car. The violin seemed so sorrowful, and when the deep pianos finally joined in, they seemed to offer it such hope and support. And that was the moment that I had to take a deep breath and try to hold it together.

That moment was certainly due mostly to my state of mind at the time.  The fact that I was hearing the music through a proper sound system and not from a $5 pair of speakers could certainly also have been a contributing factor. And there’s also the fact that I’m a huge nerd.

I’ll tell you the story of the last time a song got me all choked up and misty eyed.

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2 thoughts on “On Music, Again”

  1. Now you’ve got me jonesing to play SimCity. :) And you may be a huge nerd, but you are far from alone, my friend. Far from it!

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