On Music

The blog challenge opens by dragging out that hoary old question, “What’s your favorite song?” To me, this question is to be dreaded almost as much as its shriveled, senile, and incontinent parent, “So, what kind of music do you like?”

These questions are invariably the first volleys of any awkward getting-to-know-you conversation. Certainly, knowing what sort of music one listens to can allow the asker to make sweeping generalizations about an individual. You like Lady Gaga? Jimmy Buffet? Anthrax? Mozart? Now I’ve got you pegged.

Unfortunately, being the type of person to make things difficult, my answer is usually, “Oh, I’m musically eclectic.” Which leaves the asker confused, discouraged, and/or under the impression that he/she/it is obligated to enquire further. To which I reply, “Music is like any other art. I may not know it, but I know what I like.”

If, by this point, the interviewer hasn’t already changed the subject, the question then becomes a frustrated demand for an example. And I almost inevitably draw a blank or mention the last thing I remember listening to. This is sometimes obscure enough that the asker has no idea what I’m talking about. Other times, I may not remember the title or the band, and try to explain it— It’s by that chick with the hair and goes boop boop beedle doot— and once again, the asker has no idea what I’m talking about.

And you wonder why I’m just sitting here posting aimlessly to the Internet?

Ahem. Anyway, I think I’ll answer today’s question by way of the video attached below. It’s something I’ve posted before. I have no idea who this song is by or what it’s called. But, I can tell you that it got stuck in my head right before I took my last real vacation. So while it may not summarize and represent every facet of my musical taste, it summons fond memories. Oh, and it has robots.

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One thought on “On Music”

  1. Lookit me! I’m dayncin! I’M DAYNCIN!

    I love how the robots go from bulky cool to just damn cool to humanoid cool to KILL IT PLEASE GOD KILL IT!

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