On Movies

Today, I am meant to share my favorite movie. I’d have thought that this question would be a bit easier to answer than yesterday’s. If nothing else, I could log in to Netflix and ask them what they think my favorite movie is. And as it happens, doing so narrows things down a bit, as I’ve only granted a full five-star rating to 14 of 245 movies rated. That’s what, five percent? So it’s about what you’d expect to see on a true bell-curve distribution. (Assuming, of course, that I wasn’t semi-consciously creating a bell-curve distribution.)

But of those fourteen, I can’t bring myself to pick just one as the pinnacle of cinematic evolution. I like each in its own way. I mean, how can you compare District 9 to Shaun of the Dead? That’s rather like comparing two different species of roundish, warm-hued fruits that grow on trees. How do you compare Moon to Office Space, Young Frankenstein to V for Vendetta, or WALL-E to The Iron Giant? Okay, the last two are close enough in theme and genre that I actually could choose between them… but… I’d really prefer not to have to.

At least Netflix can tell me what my least favorite movie was.

Battlefield Earth.

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