Earthquakes are not that unusual here in Southern California. However, having this many at once is rather unusual.

Easter Sunday 2010 Earthquakes

A pretty big quake hit Mexico at about 3:45 this afternoon. The effects were felt all the way up here. Even now, almost two hours later, we are still feeling not just aftershocks, but other quakes, though they have been nothing like the first quake.

The San Diego fire department says that there were no significant injuries, but there have been scattered accounts of structural damage. There have also been reports of power outages and people stuck in elevators in Mexicali. I’m sure the damage was much worse further south of the border, though fortunately the epicenter was out in the middle of the wilderness, according to Google Maps.

It’s probably fortunate that the quakes happened as a swarm. If all the energy had been released at once, this might have been the prophesied Big One.


Too Many Quakes

Seriously? Seriously?

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