You’re As Young As Your Score

According to this quiz, How Millennial Are You, I have much more in common with the Millennial generation than with Gen X, which is my “calendar” generation, if you will. I’ve always somewhat felt this to be the case, but now I have hard numbers— the score of a fourteen question online quiz!

I scored a 62. The makers of the quiz guessed that the average Gen X-er would score 33 and the average Millennial would score a 73. I suspect that I’d have scored even higher if I’d have played a video game lately… and I suspect that I’d have scored much lower if I’d answered some of the questions more conservatively or more materialistically.

I also liked the fact that the makers of the quiz called them the “Millennials,” rather than using the shallow and unimaginative marketroidism of “Gen Y.”

Via Bourgeois Nerd

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3 thoughts on “You’re As Young As Your Score”

  1. Sowheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeett! I’m 80% millenial! I’m gonna crack a cold brew to celebrate… oh wait… the quiz says I’m not old enough to do that.. *sad*

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