Time to try something new. This is Microfiction Monday, where a picture paints 140 characters, or even fewer.

Microfiction Monday #24

The creek oozed along, a muddy sludge of trinkets and rubbish. “This is all your fault,” Grandma shouted, floating past. Grandpa sighed.

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6 thoughts on “Microfiction”

  1. lol. I guess grandpa has forgotten the way home, taking the grandpa through the creek instead of the bridge?
    I love all our different take on the picture.

  2. ROFL! Of *course* it’s his fault, he’s a married man! I loved this, but the best part was her ‘floating past’ – what a touch!

    I’m sorry I’m so late reading it too, but there’s been no end to our connection problems combined with power failures all week. Driving me nuts, but yours was worth the wait!

  3. Out-freakin-standing! This one gets my vote for MM of the week. In fact, you’re blogrolled as long as you keep writing regular fiction (in 140 character installments if necessary).

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