Ides or Blahs

Who needs to beware the Ides of March when you’ve got Blog Blah? What’s that? So glad you asked. According to Patrick Says:

It’s sitting in front of a blank post screen for nearly fifteen minutes and not coming up with a single idea or topic. It’s wondering whether it’s time to scrap the whole thing. It’s looking at your last five posts and realizing that all you’ve done is complain and moan about how you have nothing to talk about except acne cleanser or whatnot.

It’s an apathetic ennui. A feedback loop fed by a feeling of a lack of creativity and a runaway internal editor. In my case, my mental reserves seem to be exhausted by midafternoon, leaving me a burned-out husk for the remainder of the evening. Like a hollowed out baked potato. One without the benefit of additional cheese and bacon bits to transform it from kitchen scraps back into a tasty snack. Huh. Now I think I may be more appetized than exhausted. That might be a good sign.

It’s what I’m suffering from. And I’m not sure how you fix it. I guess it’s about focusing on why I starting blogging in the first place. And getting back to that.

Since it seems like publicly declaring that something is going to happen is a very good way of making sure it won’t happen, maybe fixing it is as simple as declaring that it can’t be fixed. To goad someone into popping up and proving my thoroughly embarrassed self completely wrong. Let’s hope that happens— er what I meant to say was that the very idea is completely preposterous.

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One thought on “Ides or Blahs”

  1. I find I spend so much time on Facebook now that I write in my blog less. Which is such a cheap and terrible thing to say about myself, I can hardly bear to admit it.

    I do like keeping up with all my friends and family, co-workers and colleagues on Facebook and, in my case, maintaining a Facebook Fan Page is (I’m not kidding) part of my job. It is a good tool in many regards, but that in NO WAY means I need to spend as much time there as I do. Way too much of my time is spent playing game applications, although I have recently reduced that significantly and I’m seriously considering eliminating it altogether.

    The thing is, I write all day everyday and while writing in my blog is different and more enjoyable, if ideas aren’t whirling in a hurricane of inspiration around in my head and bon mots aren’t flowing from my fingers (that does actually happen occasionally), then I’m loathe to force myself to sit down and blog for the sake of blogging. As any blogger knows, doing that results in postings that make you cringe while reading back over them later and experience the recoil of retroactive embarrassment that you made your generous visitors suffer through reading your crap.

    And yet! For me, it is meant to serve as creative practice. A means to exercise writing skills that include coming up with something half decent even when I don’t feel like it or nothing jumps to mind.

    Like you, however, the combination of incessant work (which both limits time and saps creativity or even the inclination to be creative in any way… as in, not only am I not feeling creative, I no longer even care that I’m not) and the subsequent lack of very much going on (besides work) that would constitute good material just hamstrings me and leaves my blog empty, lonely and dismally boring.

    I do always enjoy reading your blog, though, Erik. Even when you struggle with apathetic ennui <– excellent term, btw, simply because I'm always entertained by your wry style and wit. Which is my way of saying, I'll keep coming here no matter what, so even if you don't blog that often, I'd like to cast my vote against you giving it up completely.

    Do the photo tour again, I LOVED that! I also always like your Now Reading. And speaking of… I could probably do one of my own… I recently finished Terry Brooks' Wizards First Rule.

    I sometimes wonder if I'm not living right in some way that it seems like with writing, I'm struggling through it versus enjoying it and seeking out as many different paths to it as possible, which is my usual state. Creative constipation is usually a sign that I need to make some kind of change. Get more rest, work a little less and remain conscious of enjoying the little things. That usually helps me… I'll have to give it another shot and see if it will again.

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