Vicious Cycle

As we all know, yesterday was Valentine’s Day. A day of flowers and chocolates and pink baubles and jewelry and greeting cards. A day in which it is expected that some of us will pay tribute, and others will revel in their loot. Or so the marketing machine would have us all believe. Candy hearts for all!


If I never see another pink heart again, it will be too soon. Fortunately, we can now go straight from one candy-choked holiday to the next.


But even after the magical bunny has finished pooping out foil-wrapped chocolates for all the good children, we won’t be done. We’ll need flowers for Mom and fishing poles for Dad. Once that’s taken care of it’ll be time to haul out old Uncle Sam for his annual airing-out. And then, maybe then, we can have a few days of vaguely summery peace before we’re once again bombarded with pencils and pumpkins.


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One thought on “Vicious Cycle”

  1. I really hate Valentine’s Day the most because it’s not even a real holiday and yet is one of the most guilt-inducing, high-pressure made-up holidays we have all year. It frosts me that MEN are made to feel as though they’re OBLIGATED to spend WAY too much money on stuff their women don’t need. Yes, I’m frosted on behalf of men. Frankly, I think we should all love and appreciate our partners and friends and family ALL the time, not just one day. And it’s the little things that count… like just spending some time.

    That said… I did have a lovely Valentine’s Day. I got mine a couple of amusing greeting cards just because they were amusing, but other than that, no gifts were involved.

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