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Hark and forsooth, dear beloved Reader, and fain welcome to Your Humble Servant’s abode, wheretofore the wandering eyes of one and all shall behold literary eructations of uncommon erudition, remarkable pulchritude, and extraordinary sesquipedality.

Lest Your Humble Servant descend into alexic logorrhea, let us hereupon galeoflect to Sunday Stealing. Henceforth, let us commence.

Pretentious Blogging Meme: Part Two.

(Part One Of Which Shall Be Performed At Date Yet To Be Determined)
1. Claiming or demanding a position of distinction or merit, especially when unjustified.
2. Making or marked by an extravagant outward show; ostentatious.
How many drafts of potential blog posts do you have right now?
I will have you know that I have no less than a dozen posts in draft state.
In what medium do you draft your posts?
Why, electronic, of course. One might agree that there are are bloggers who may well draft their posts with pencils on paper notepads, but then one might be led to wonder whether there might be other bloggers who draft their posts on vellum and parchment with quills dipped in iron gall ink.
How often do you completely scratch or delete drafts or blog post ideas?

More often than not. Most drafts reveal themselves, in the fullness of time, to be nothing other than pure and utter balderdash.
If you had to leave your blog in your will to another blogger, who would you choose?

Who wouldn’t want the honor, the distinction, the privilege of becoming The Next Electronic Replicant? Why, one would assume that because such a multitude of bloggers would beg for the position, that choosing among them through conventional means such as soliciting résumés would prove impractical. For this reason, I would will the title of The Next Electronic Replicant to the winner of a grueling twenty-two week television contest of talent, poise, pretension, fabulosity and outrageousness, with final determination to be made by audience participation.
Are there other blogs that you feel are similar to yours in content, style, or voice?

No. There are only pale reflections, faint echoes, and breezy redolences. For it was none other than I who invented this style, voice, and content. I am the artist from whom all inspiration flows. Oh, and I invented blogging. And the Internet. And the computer, and the vacuum tube, and electricity.
Has anything surprised you since you started blogging?

Indeed. I had assumed that surely I would never lack for anything to say.
What are your goals or plans for your blog going forward?

To carry onward, to entertain and connect with other bloggers.
Do you make any money from your blog? (optional) about how much a month?

Imperntinent scoundrel! Were I to gain monetarily, in how poor taste would it be to express it in preening, flaunting self satisfaction. Fortunately, this project is conducted upon a strictly for-fun basis.
What blogging system do you use?
Once upon a time, I used a Java application called Thingamablog. Sadly, it developed problems which precipitated a migration to WordPress.
How did you come up your blog name?
Ridiculous as it may seem, it was generated by computer. ERIK is the cybernetic acronym for Electronic Replicant Intended for Killing. This was first used the blog’s tagline— another title was under consideration and was fortunately rejected. Lest the public be unsettled by references to violence, the Intended for Killing was thenceforth omitted.
How many blogs do you have? What was your peak?

I admit only to this one.
Are you having as much fun as when you started?

On occasion, indeed, but oft times are they that putting thought to word seems both duty and chore.
Where do you find other bloggers like you?

Patiently perambulating comments and blogrolls and trackbacks. On occasion in participating in blogging events e.g. NaBloPoMo, Holidailies, ICLW, et cetera.
What’s your one wish when it comes to blogging?
Simply that I always continue to have as much fun as (or more than) when I started.
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