Top Five of Oh Nine

The question has been put forth: What is your favorite thing that you wrote in 2009, and why?

This looks like a job for a top five list! Drumroll, please…

5. Christmas Eve Geek-Out
Who will win in a battle between Ten Lords a Leapin’ and Eight Tiny Reindeer? This post made it to the Best of Holidailies list.
4. An Open Letter to Bad Spellers
Technically, this post is twelve words long. However, I put much love into a visual that very few people will even get. Therefore, it’s art.
3. Twelve on Twelve
Speaking of art, this post chronicles a walk I took along the waterfront on a cloudy November afternoon. There was art to be seen, which was a pleasant surprise.
2. Voila!
Here, I imagined changing careers to write dark and tragic young adult novels. Perhaps I should stick to Perl scripts.
1. Twitter Overlords
Does Twitter truly spell the end of the blog? I still think not, but there are types of expression that Twitter is better suited to.
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