On the End of Time

Much has been said already about the departure of David Tennant from Doctor Who. I suspect that, like many viewers, Tennant’s Doctor was my favorite. But, who knows? Perhaps the Eleventh Doctor will blow us away in an unexpected and exciting way. I guess we’ll have to wait for Spring to find out.

However, I don’t think as much has been said about writer and producer Russell T. Davies also leaving the show. This could have much larger repercussions than swapping out the lead actor. Taking his place will be Steven Moffat, writer of such episodes as “Blink,” “Silence in the Library,” “The Girl in the Fireplace,” and “The Empty Child.” Each I count among my favorite episodes, though all these episodes had a definite air of horror to them. So perhaps a spookier, eerier Who. Again, I guess we’ll have to wait for Spring to find out.

As for “The End of Time” itself, I’m sad to say I’m very slightly disappointed with the episode. Mainly in that after the build up of the main situation, it seemed quickly resolved (though with appropriate dramatic tension). But perhaps I should expect that the most interesting situations presented will be perfectly tidied up and swept under the rug, as this seems to happen quite often. Examples: the Cybermen were banished to the Void twice (or was it three times?), the Human Daleks were exterminated, the Master refused to regenerate (though this was apparently part of his Evil Plan), et cetera.

In the past, I have found Star Trek: The Next Generation to be particularly notorious for this, pressing the Reset Button of the Universe with zeal at the end of each episode. Why, I even called it a “Star Trek Ending” when the Big Button was pushed at the last possible moment (usually, but not necessarily, accompanied by a speech from the Captain.)

I understand this makes things easier for a writing team (as well as for casual viewers.) Also, the idea of everything returning to normal just seems to go naturally with the escapist types of Sci-Fi.

I guess I’m just one of those people who likes to speculate on possibilities left open.

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One thought on “On the End of Time”

  1. I quite liked Christopher Eccleston. I hated the second Season. The Third and Fourth were good (very surprised with the Fourth).

    I don’t find Russel T. Davies to be a good writer. Oh, he sets up a grand story, but the resolution is always, always extremely unsatisfying.

    Still have to see The Waters of Mars. Consequently, haven’t seen this one, yet.

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