Desktop Friday: Electronic Pattern

What’s on your desktop this week? I’ve got an abstract design, clearly meant to evoke the idea of what goes on inside of a computer, without being too literal.

I don’t remember where I found it, but I do remember why I found it. After stumbling upon one too many other WordPress sites that also used the Arclite theme, I decided that the New Year would be the perfect time to install a new theme. So I spent some time searching for the perfect background. If the above image had been smaller, less busy, and more tileable, I might have used it in my new theme. Instead, I eventually found my way to the pattern generator at PatternCooler, which is where the background pattern you see now originated.

Now, anybody know where I can find an online flourish generator?

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One thought on “Desktop Friday: Electronic Pattern”

  1. I switched over my desktop image this past week to feature the Daniel Docui image that I posted in my review of Spectrum 16 on Friday. It is a fantastic image and I am enjoying seeing it every time I turn on my laptop.

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