Saturday Dance Party

If you’ve ever wondered what mock English sounds like, give this a listen. Seriously, it’s like a musical Lorem Ipsum. I think I can recognize the words “Tuesday,” “Maybe,” “Ice,” and “Oh, Sunday!” but that’s probably just pattern recognition.

Prisencolinensinainciusol, by Adriano Celentano (1972)

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Dance Party”

  1. It’s exactly this kind of thing that makes me absolutely *love* your blog, Erik. I don’t know where you find stuff like this, but it is an absolute treat!!! That was the most paradoxical thing I’ve ever witnessed! At once, super cool and utterly cheesy. But a good example of my theory on dancing… one must throw oneself into it whole-heartedly in order to avoid looking like a complete idiot. Anything less that full-bodied enthusiasm just makes you look silly. This avoided silly/awkward and was simply cheesy, but really only because of its 70s sensibility (platform shoes are hawt!). And the mock-English made me laugh so hard my stomach muscles cramped up.

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