Post-Christmas… post.

Most of us now consider Christmas to be over. Well, some of us do continue the holiday for the full twelve days, of which the 25th is the first. But most of us consider the 25th to be the first and last day. I know that I, for one, won’t be ready to look Santa Claus in the eye for at least another 350 days.

So, what have we learned this time around?

  • French Toast is ever so much better when you don’t use pre-sliced sandwich bread. If you get a loaf of unsliced bread from a bakery and saw it into thick slabs, your toast turns out ever so much better. It’s also much more filling. One slice of that is plenty.
  • With enough cloves, pineapple, and glaze, you can doctor up one of those guitar-pick-shaped canned hams to have an appetizing appearance… on the outside, anyway. The inside will still look like SPAMĀ®.
  • A pre-made pie from the supermarket bakery is ever so much better after it’s been warmed in the oven. I mean, duh, but, like, wow.
  • Not to sound like a post-Christmas Scrooge, but I’m quite ready for the grocery store to switch out its Christmas Muzak with the slightly less annoying rest-of-the-year stuff.
  • A Normal-sized reindeer with proficiency in hand-to-hand combat can overpower a Non-Skilled Vagabond. You can’t argue with video evidence.
  • If someone at your office gives you The Flu for Christmas, you can’t return it… but you can re-gift it.
    bacteria with bow
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3 thoughts on “Post-Christmas… post.”

  1. On the Muzak note, I was looking forward to finding out what the “Sounds of the Seasons” cable music channel would play after Christmas was over, but so far they are still playing Christmas music. Lazy punks.

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