On the New Year

With the New Year roaring toward us like some glitter-coated tsunami of cheap champagne and sparkling cider, some of us are fretting over what to call the soon-to-end decade. There are many ideas, such as the Aughts, the Naughty Aughties, the Oh-Ohs, and the Two Thousands. These ideas haven’t stuck because, well, they’re contrived and stupid.

According to this article in the Washington Post suggests, we may as well forget about it, since there are plenty of other phenomena that nobody’s bothered to invent terms for yet. But that’s another post.

As far as I’m concerned, we already have a perfectly good name for such a decade, and that is turn of the century.

Meanwhile, Star Trek’s Synthohol is getting closer to reality. Whereas Trek’s brew was imagined to have “all the taste” of alcohol with “none of the effects,” the new substance would be a completely flavorless beverage additive (similar to caffeine), and its effects could quickly be “switched off” by taking a pill. What sort of effects? Well, the researchers are currently investigating the benzodiazepines, of which diazepam, the chief ingredient of Valium is a member. So that should give you some idea.

Finally, because of the timing of the lunar cycle, this year will have an extra full moon— a “blue” moon. It will fall on New Year’s Eve.

blue moon

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