Oh Xmas Tree

It’s been quite a while since a Christmas tree has graced the halls of La Casa de Replicantes. I’ve been thinking about getting a nice fake one. However, I think that the Uncanny Valley applies to Christmas trees just much as it does to humans. In my price range, I’d probably find myself with a bad fake rather than a good fake. Something like a bundle of pipe cleaners coated with green bristles.

Instead, I’ll go the other way. Something that is obviously not a real tree, but that conveys the idea of a Christmas tree. I’ve considered the minimalist spirals and cones, though most of those are meant for outdoor use. Then last week, I saw something that really caught my eye. It was basically just a string of lights in the form of a tree.


That’s more like it! I must admit that it does look a bit like a dead tree, and that has got to screw up all the symbolism of the thing. Back to the drawing board, I guess.

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3 thoughts on “Oh Xmas Tree”

  1. No Christmas tree up yet. Not sure if we will have one or not. Didn’t bring the tree with us to Spain.

    I probably should do something to decorate the house though.

    Why not just cut a small branch of an evergreen and claim it to be a micro-tree?

  2. I love those!!!! I remember seeing one that was multi colored almost 6 years ago or so and being enchanted by it then.
    Some year I want to get a really nice fake tree. Right now we have one from Walmart we got a couple years ago. It does the job but I don’t love it. Better than the one from Big Lots we got one year that fell over on Day 1 lol

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