And now for something completely…

Yesterday, I considered posting a video as the answer to “Favorite Animated Christmas Movie,” “Favorite Christmas Carol,” and “Least Favorite Christmas Carol.” The thing is, it would have been the same video each time, which would have not been amusing unless done enough times and with proper timing to become a running gag.

So, anyway, the video in question is called “Christmas Tauntauns” and was an entry into a Star Wars fan film contest some years ago. This video (I believe) was the favorite of George Lucas himself. I think it’s rather obvious why. And that, my feiends, is why “Christmas Tauntauns” is simultaneously (one of) my favorite holiday animated feature(s), (one of) my favorite Christmas carol(s), and also (one of) my least favorite Christmas carol(s).

P.S. I also find her teeth mildly unsettling.

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2 thoughts on “And now for something completely…”

  1. Oh! Oh! I love it! This little girl could totally have been my big sister. I just sent her a link. I almost can’t believe we haven’t seen this before.
    Thanks! And thanks to ICWL December! Perfect timing!

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