What Loaf?

It’s about time for me to start thinking about what to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. In the past, I’ve made three-bean casserole, macaroni and bacon, cheese spread, imitation Zuppa Toscana, and of course the tried-and-true marshmallow smothered yams. (With pineapple.)

Tonight I made something really delicious for dinner, the meatloaf from Good Eats. I don’t know why it turned out so much better this time than it has in the past. Perhaps it’s because I used a food processor this time instead of crushing and chopping by hand. Or maybe it’s because I made the glaze with hot wing sauce (since I was, oddly enough, out of regular hot sauce.) At any rate, I was pleasantly surprised that enough of the meatloaf survived the feeding frenzy for me to make a sandwich tomorrow.

I don’t think I’ll bring a meatloaf on Thanksgiving, though. It’s just not what you’d call a special occasion food. Quite the opposite. I’ll think about it some more later. Something will occur to me, I’m sure.

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