Twelve on Twelve

There’s apparently been a meme going around that on the twelfth of the month, one should take twelve pictures and post them onto the Internet. Well, I remember to do this every month… on the thirteenth. But not this month!

Of course, since my day is rather boring (and yet is rather hectic at the same time) I didn’t really get a chance to shoot anything until lunchtime, when I found myself walking near the waterfront.

squirmy metal

Oh, look, a big pile of metal pipes. How fascinating. This is off to a fabulous start.


Soon, I encountered a really big fan. I spent several minutes talking to it until I realized that it was actually a sculpture.


It was rusty and twisted and organic. Very interesting.


Soon, I encountered another sculpture. Yes, it was gloomy and weird out.


And then there was another. This one looks as though it ought to have been moving, but it wasn’t.


On the other hand, you could spin some of them yourself. I think this was one of them.


And this one really reminded me of Hyperion, but this metal tree didn’t have a bunch of people stuck to it. Fortunately.


Up close, I could see that the entire thing was made of metal meshes, producing some interesting visual effects.


The next one reminded me of something from Beanworld.


The sculptures looked like they went on for quite a way further, but I didn’t have time to follow them any longer. I had to turn back, and noticed an unfamiliar marking in the street.

This Is A Multiple Choice Quiz

I think I’ll need to use a lifeline.

The Hive

And the last decent photo from my adventure was… a lampshade. How extraordinary.

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