On the Jinx Factor

I wasn’t going to mention that I’d signed up for NaBloPoMo again this year until TitanKT asked about it the other day. For me, it seems like there’s no better way to jinx a project than to announce it far and wide. “I’m going to x!” I tell everyone. Then I x with a vengeance for maybe three days. Then something happens, be it an early or late day at work, a holiday, a weekend, or time to do dishes. Whatever it is doesn’t just jolt me out of the groove, but also comes back with a backhoe and fills that sucker in. Perhaps it also lays down some sod on top and a few bunches of marigolds. Oh, and one of those little glass birdhouses that has a candle inside. And x is never mentioned again.

So, confirming that I’d signed up may have been an act akin to taunting the gods with hubris. What disaster even now looms over my three-day posting streak? Is it a comet? Swine flu? Or is it a server that hasn’t been updated to the Energy Policy Act of 2005?

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3 thoughts on “On the Jinx Factor”

  1. I was thinking something similar as I was sitting at my computer tonight randomly thinking, “what shall I do next?” without ever once realizing I needed to post today. And the past two days have felt like a week so when it did finally dawn on me, I panicked and thought I’d missed a day, even though I haven’t.

    It’s a lot of pressure we put on ourselves and, frankly, the last thing I need is extra stress. However, I am a *writer* for a living, for Pete’s sakes, so this really shouldn’t be such a big deal. And daily posting/searching desperately for content always serves to flex the skills and get the creative juices flowing. So yeah… I’m doing it, too, and trying not to stress out about it.

    And now, I’m counting on you to find some really entertaining memes I can steal if I get hard up for content.

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