Now Reading: November 2

Now Reading: The New Space Opera, by Gardner Dozois.

Just Finished: Mona Lisa Overdrive, by William Gibson.

I selected Mona Lisa Overdrive as my latest book after having been thoroughly nagged to read it by just about every suggestion engine I’ve used. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it was a sequel to Count Zero (which I was pleasantly surprised to learn was a sequel to Neuromancer.)

As to what I thought of the book, it was a pleasant read. I never felt that I was simply grinding through it to reach the ending. No, I was certainly intrigued by the action as well as expertly hooked along by the cliffhanger and change-of-scene at the end of each chapter. However, I must confess that even as I was swept along by the story as it swirled down the author’s signature vortex, I rather lost track of what was going on in the big picture, despite the characters’ attempts to explain it to each other. On the other hand, having the plot be spelled out in huge neon letters for the reader, while keeping the characters in a state of confusion can be frustrating for the reader.

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