Memeday Challenge

I was looking through my archives and I remembered that I used to do something that I called the “Memeday Challenge.” That is, each Memeday, I’d challenge my dear readers to either tag me with a meme or pose me an interesting question, to which I’d respond with a questionable answer. So, at least for the duration of November, I shall reinstate the Memeday Challenge. Now, as for which day of the week Memeday is… well, let’s just say it’s Sunday.

By the way, this year’s NaBloPoMo Randomizer? I’m not a fan. I have my guesses as to why the programmer constructed it as it is, but I much preferred the original fullscreen toolbar. Frames that I have to scroll around in make me grouchy. Frames that I need to scroll but can’t just make me downright upset.

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