Post-Thanksgiving Post

Another holiday down, with two remaining this year. I think my favorite part of Thanksgiving is all the leftover pie that can be had for breakfast thereafter. Nothing like a slice of pie and a cup of coffee to get the day off to a leisurely start.

That is not to say that Thanksgiving went badly. Wine was drunk, food was savoured, and much entertainment was had by all. My favorite advice of the night was, “If you want to poison your husband, just feed him these sour cream biscuits and lots of bacon.” And, before you ask, no, I am not planning to take that advice. (Tasty as the biscuits were…)

My mother suggested that I might salvage my chocolate sludge by turning it into brownies. Having studied the issue, it seemed plausible. So I whipped three eggs and a tablespoon of vanilla into half of the sludge, followed by a cup of flour. After baking, the result was a spongy, cake-like brownie with a very cocoa-like flavor. It would have been ever so much better with the addition of toasted nuts. Oh, and chocolate chips. Oh, and some ice cream.

In other news, did I join the annual orgy of consumerism that commenced today? Well, yes and no. Did I rise at 3:00 am so that I could be first in the door at some retail shop that will remain nameless? No way! On the other hand, I did go all the way to Legoland (okay, so it’s only about an hour’s drive— that’s not the point) to purchase a hard-to-find early birthday-Christmas gift at the onsite gift shop? Yes. (Did you know that if you’ve come to shop, they’ll admit you to the park for an hour at no charge? And they’ll refund your parking fee if you’ve bought $20 in merchandise? Good to know!)

On the way home, I stopped for coffee. The shopping center I stopped at was just as deserted as the office park surrounding it. When I left the coffee shoppe, I found that a gigantic SUV had, for some reason, not only parked right next to me, but had done so at such a crazy angle that left only a few inches of clearance. Why? In an empty parking lot, WHY?

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