The Random Dozen Meme

It’s meme time. Today, we’ll be playing the Random Dozen Meme

1. When you go to W**mart, what one thing do you get every single time, besides a funky-wheeled squeaking cart full of frustration?
Besides the frustration? Uh… uhm… a receipt?
2. What is something that people are currently “into” that you just don’t get or appreciate?
Well, I think that would be Facebook. No, I don’t really want to catch up with schoolmates that I never talked to in the first place, thanks anyway.
3. What is something that really hoists your sail that other people might feel “ho-hum” about?
Artificial Life, but really, that doesn’t seem to bore people as much as it gives them the willies. Whatever.
4. Favorite song to sing in the shower or car?
Dance Commander (video)
5. A really great salad must have this ingredient:
Really great dressing.
6. What advice in a nutshell would you give to new bloggers?
A bad post is better than no post. Or wait, is it the other way around? No post is worse than a bad post. No, I think I had it right the first time.
7. What was the alternate name that your parents almost named you? Do you wish they had chosen it instead of the one they gave you?
They almost named me after Jimmy Carter.
8. What in your life are you waiting for?
The perfect moment to change my name to Disney Presents Jimmy Carter Extreme.
9. You get a package in the mail. What is it, and who is it from?
Is it ticking? Yes? No? Oh, my God, it’s a bomb! Who is it from this time? Doctor Foobar? Dead Jim and the Redshirts? Baron Awl? Colonel Mayonnaise? Donald Trump? Ahhh! Oh, wait, it’s only a half-eaten lasagna. Interesting…. and tasty.
10. Today–what song represents you?
Uhm.. I dunno… the “Pac Man” fanfare?
11. What is one thing that blogging has taught you about yourself?
That I’m usually most creative in reaction to something.
12. How are you going to (or how did you) choose the clothes you’re wearing today?
What do they say about you in general or specifically how you’re feeling today?
They were clean and free of any obvious stains or other damage. They say, “here’s someone who doesn’t have to impress anyone today.”
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3 thoughts on “The Random Dozen Meme”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with #5. That’s why I make all my own salad dressings. I almost never buy it anymore and what I do have in my fridge I almost never use. Come to my house, Erik, I’ll make you a fantastic BLT salad with a lemony mayonnaise dressing, GAWD is it good!!! Or… World’s Best Salad with homemade pumpernickel croutons and homemade roasted red pepper dressing… which I love even though I’m not a huge fan of roasted red peppers, oddly enough.

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