Now Reading: August 6

Now Reading: Virtual Organisms: The Startling World of Artificial Life by Mark Ward

Just Finished:Quasar, Quasar Burning Bright by Isaac Asimov

I’ve read many of Asimov’s books in the past (the Robot stories, the Bailey/Olivaw stories, and the Foundation series) and found them fairly good, so I was curious as to how his nonfiction would read. Someone once told me they couldn’t stand Asimov as he was “unbelievably dry,” and I can certainly see this side of him emerge in these scientific essays. However, it must be noted that they were written in another time, perhaps a time in which it was expected that scientific essays should be written in a particular tone and be liberally sprinkled with polysyllabic Latinate words for greater verisimilitude. Certainly, were such essays to be written today (and by someone else), they would be written in a hip, conversational tone, with lots of pop culture references and fart jokes, and sadly, there’d likely be a careful sidestepping of any remotely religious issues.

It was a pleasant enough read, but not what I’d consider revolutionary.

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