Link-o-Rama for Saturday, August 1st

Perhaps tomorrow, I’ll write a real post. Until then, please enjoy this hand-picked collection of randomly stumbled links of mild interest.

20 Technothriller Tropes We Hope Never To See Again
It’s like the Evil Overlord list, but for thrillers.
Stories We’ve Seen Too Often
And I wonder why I can’t come up with any good ideas of my own. I can think of too many bad ones!
Neoclassical Roleplaying Games
A provocative comparison of the iterations of D&D (and others) to artistic movements. If true, then we’ve got some interesting stuff ahead of us.
Brand New Antique Humanoids
A warehouse of forgotten Atomic Age robots has been discovered in Japan.
Efficient LEGO Storage
Most useful, as I have recently been diagnosed with acute LEGOmania.
Things I Won’t Work With
In summary, don’t work with anything that contains too much nitrogen, and/or anything that smells like Hell’s Dumpster. – MythBuster Adam Savage’s Colossal Failures
If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. And sometimes, all you can do is apologize.
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