GI Joe: I went expecting nothing more than a two-hour-long episode of a cartoon show and as a result was satisified. Or I was until James and Rex became Destro and Cobra Commander. Destro’s head looked hokey and fake, and Cobra Commander’s mask could have been better designed. Their Duke made up for it, though.

District 9: Very, very good. It’s well written in that you might actually find that you care about what happens to the characters. I’d like to see more movies like this, but of course Hollywood will take that to mean, “More movies about aliens filmed in a pseudo-documentary style.” Oh, Hollywood.

A “vacation” where you stay in town and still have to go to work isn’t much of a vacation, no matter how nice the hotel is. Even if the bit about the beach being “steps from your door” turns out to be true. Even if the definition of “beach” isn’t even stretched… much.

It does, however, get you to think about what’s missing from your life and what isn’t. Even if you don’t come up with any answers.

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