Kaboom! Oh, it’s beautiful.

So, Dear Readers, a funny thing happened to me on the way to the forum. Wait, I don’t have a forum. Perhaps I was on the way to the bathroom. Or the tire shop. Which is the one with the plastic hamburger on top? I guess it was the forum after all.

Anyway, I spent many hours writing the perfect post on whatever it was that finally roused me from my work induced catatonia liquor induced stupor miasma of laziness. It was brilliant, if I do say so myself, truly the greatest post in the world. No sooner did I hit save than did Thingamablog eat my post and then figuratively shoot itself in the figurative head. I screamed and wailed and whispered vile obscenities, but all for naught. Thingamablog, my formerly beloved desktop blogging application, had choked on its own database and was now a vegetable.

At this point, I could either repeat what I did last time, what with the downloading, and the Perl, and the recategorizing, and the blah blah blah. But as the man once said, “Foomafool, can’t get fooled again.” And so I decided to join the year 2009, already in progress. I know I always said I’d go for Joomla if I ever had to make the switch, having used it for other projects, but having used Joomla for other projects, I know that it (like many other things) is great for some purposes and not so much for others. So, WordPress, then.

Fortunately, I had a friend who was technically savvy enough to help me set WordPress up on my computer. The odd thing is that nobody seems to be able to see or hear him but myself. Weird. Oh, and he asked to be paid in Quatloos. Like I said, weird. Anyway, I was able to import an RSS backup I fortunately thought to make a while back. And then I imported my existing feed, leaving only a very small gap which I was able to fill by (sigh) downloading, and Perl, and blah dee blah blah. And then I found a way, even, to transfer my comments from Haloscan, though even that required downloading and Perl and blah dee blah quack quack. And the comment count isn’t correct on the front page, for some reason.

So, yeah.

How’s your week going?

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3 thoughts on “Kaboom! Oh, it’s beautiful.”

  1. Weird! I was going to switch over to Joomla too but I havent found any good documentation for converting WordPress to it. I’d effectively lose 5 years of blog.

  2. Okay, I nearly had a heart attack… I clicked my bookmark to your blog and it was just gone. Gone, I tell you! And I thought, “Oh shit! How in the Universe will I ever find him?!” Fortunately, the link you left when you commented on my blog brought me here to my INTENSE relief! Erik! Don’t scare me like that again, please.

  3. Deadrobot: I’m sure it can be done, but I’m also sure it wouldn’t be pleasant. There’d surely be a lot of blah dee blah doo doo wah wah.
    TitanKT: Sorry for the fright. I have a list right here with “redirect old links” underlined.

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