Link-o-Rama for Thursday, June 25th

So, um, yeah! How about that Swine Flu Chrysler-Fiat Merger Obama’s position on DADT and DOMA Mahmoud Ahmadinijad missing governor freaky-ass caterpillar? Pretty crazy, eh?

Since I’ve apparently had enough of memes for a while (it doesn’t help that most of the ones I’ve seen lately seem to be a member of the TMI species) I decided that I would instead put together a cute little PHP script that would fetch my reviews from StumbleUpon, and package them into a slightly different RSS feed, which I could then import directly into my blog post editor. Some among you may be tempted to classify it as a form of self-licking ice cream cone. Maybe it is. Or maybe it’s quaint and old fashioned. Maybe it’s both. Maybe it’s a self-licking scoop of some old-fashioned flavor like butter brickle, pistachio, or bubble gum.

Meh, who cares. On with the links!

A strangely moving story of a pair of "homeless" Sims. I was so moved by the story, that I got out my old copy of The Sims (Linux Edition.) I discovered that the version of WineX it was encapsulated in was built against a very old version of glibc, so I had to dig out my old copies of Red Hat 7. So in the end, I ran a simulator within an emulator within an emulator.

An installation was designed to simulate conditions found in allegedly haunted environments. Participants were subjected to some, all, or no stimulus and asked to record their impressions. Is it art dressed up as science or science dressed up as art?

I don’t know if the "WARNING" applies to the peanut, the butter, or the cookies, but they look all kinds of dangerous. I’d better confiscate these. You know… for public safety.

Whatever happened to just being polite and acting like an adult, anyway?

Why can’t I write posts like this one? Oh, yeah, because nobody ever gives me creepy candy-studded skulls, you know… for Christmas.

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One thought on “Link-o-Rama for Thursday, June 25th”

  1. Erik, that last one… far and away the most entertaining thing I’ve read in ages and that includes the vast majority of my own stuff, so please don’t be offended.
    That’s some good blogging right there and what makes my heart happy about the fact that such a thing as blogging exists in the world. But I wouldn’t know about it if YOU didn’t blog, so you get a fair bit of the credit, too.
    But truly you’re more entertaining that 90% of bloggers out there, and that also includes me. I’m still working on it, though!

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