The Five Habits of…

Oh, my, is it Friday again? Where did the week go…? Oh, that’s right, I spent it slaving over a computer. A red-hot computer.A thankless red-hot computer, might I add. One that seems to think I will taste like bacon.

1. What bad habits do you have?
I shoot messengers, put my eggs into one basket, and count my chickens before they hatch. I put the cart before the horse, I leap before I look, and put pride before a fall. I cry over spilled milk, I swear like a sailor, and I make omelets from broken eggs.
2. What bad habit would you most like to break?
Using clichés.
3. Have you ever overcome any bad habits? What were they?
Yes. There was a time that I used to post nothing but memes, but thenI… oh, wait, never mind….
4. Do you have any habits other people consider bad that you ratherlike about yourself? What are they?
Yes. I sleep and wake as though I were in the next time zone westward.
5. What habit annoys you most in other people?
Noisy Eating.
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2 thoughts on “The Five Habits of…”

  1. I think that noisy-eaters post was the first post of yours I ever read. :::sniff::: The one wherein I learned how much I loves me some Electronic Replicant. Such nostalgia!

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