I has podcast???

I recently discovered a service called Odiogo that will magically (and deliciously) transform any boring blog into a dynamic and entertaining multimedia experience! Okay, maybe not. What actually happens is that Odiogo fetches your RSS feed and uses it to generate an audio track for each entry. The synthetic narrator isn't bad. He sounds less like a Speak and Spell and almost like a human with a strange accent reading from cue cards. For those of you that use mainstream blogging platforms, there are even plugins to allow you to embed the audio files on your blog entry pages. For those of us that justhave to use oddball software, there's always jiggery-pokery. And we canall link to audio-enhanced versions of our RSS feeds:

Of course, there are a few gotchas to be found. For example, each audio file is named after the title of the post from which it was generated. Thus if you have several posts that share a title (such as, oh, I don't know, “Now Reading”) all of these posts will share the same audio file— probably not the desired result.

Still, this looks like not only a fun novelty, but also something that someone, somewhere may find useful.

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