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Now Reading: The Art of Capacity Planning, by John Allspaw.

Just Finished: Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson.

As highly rated and recommended as this book was, I felt a bit disappointed by it. Perhaps my expectations had been set too high by both the hype, and the author’s later book, The Diamond Age. I felt that somewhere in the middle of the book, the story came a bit unglued, perhaps coincidentally with the introduction of the Sumerian connection. The latter I felt to be expecting the reader to accept a bit too much, though it would not have seemed a bit out of place in the likes of Foucalt’s Pendulum or even Indiana Jones. I was also a bit unhappy with the abruptness of the conclusions of the various plot threads.

These objections aside, I found the book to be enjoyable, at least as much as Wetware.

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