Giving Till It Hurts

The fine folks behind the National Blog Posting Month have declared March the month of "Giving" and/or "Giving Up." I can’t think of a bigger example of giving than the AIG bailout.

Why must we, the taxpayers of America, fund the resuscitation of this giant corporation? Why, because it is giant! It has apaprently grown so huge and become so entangled in economies around the world that, should AIG fall, it would doubtless crush villages full of nuns and orphans beneath its convulsing corpse. The gases released by its putrefaction would raze forests and suffocate kittens! Behold the horror of the unfettered free market!

But seriously, about a hundred years ago, we learned at least one valuable lesson about letting corporations get too big. It seems now that we are going to learn another. As much as Bush sought to emulate Theodore Roosevelt’s image as outdoorsman and big-stick wielder, I think perhaps Obama may end up emulating Roosevelt in his roles as trust-buster, regulator, and conservationist.

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