Tales Of Interest

Do you ever wonder whether you’re having a lucky day or an unlucky day?

This morning, I was cleaning out the big closet. Back before I moved in, I was told it was a "walk-in" closet. Since then, there have only been a few times that I’ve ever been able to walk all the way into it. I decided it was about time for spring cleaning, so I began mining my way into its depths.

I was showing somebody an old scanner and talking about X-Y tables, when suddenly, the light fixture detached itself from the ceiling and plunged downwards, just barely grazing past me, before shattering against the floor!

Clearly, it could only have been the work of a ghost, one that was somehow angered by my talk of X-Y tables.

Well, despite my close brush with supernatural agencies, I was able to fill four big boxes with e-waste, which I will take to the recyclers, er… "soon." Until then, I’ve put the boxes back into the closet, which means that it is still not cleaned out. In fact, the only difference seems to be that the junk is now in a different configuration, and the entire mess is now lit by the harsh glare of a bare bulb. Another job well done!

Once I got done with that, I thought I’d clean up my work bench. After a bit of sorting and tidying, I thought I’d turn off the fluorescent light. Well, there are two ways to do that. The easy way is to push the little glowing button on the power strip… which turns everything else off, too. Not very convenient if one has batteries to charge, etc. The other way is to kind of reach back behind the objects that don’t have anywhere else to go (on account of the closet being full of junk) and then unplug the lamp from the socket. Ahh, you see where this is going, don’t you?


Fortunately, the worst that happened was that all those objects that didn’t have anywhere else to go suddenly found themselves going elsewhere. The floor, in this case. I was thus left with yet another mess to clean up as a result of even daring to clean up the original mess.

But despite all that, and despite the helicopter even now circling the neghborhood (which I insist that I know absolutely nothing about), I don’t really feel that it’s been a particularly lucky or unlucky day… just an interesting one.

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3 thoughts on “Tales Of Interest”

  1. Well, I consider the day lucky if, by the time I go to sleep at night, I’ve managed to get laid at some point during the day. Today is not a lucky day for me, I already know it. But that’s okay… not everyday can be lucky.
    Your tale, SO much more G-rated than mine, was SUPER entertaining. Although, I confess I do not understand why you got shocked, I’m sorry that you did and I’m glad to know that no major damage was inflicted.
    However, let this be a lesson to you to let sleeping messes lie. That’s what I do! No need to worry about junk-related disasters, I just go ahead and leave my junk alone. I just feed it with more junk every so often and every body is happy and no one gets hurt. Until it’s time to move again, of course, but that is a disaster unto itself that cannot be avoided no matter what unless I just don’t move and believe me, I’m considering that seriously.

  2. Perhaps Narnia is now off limits to humans, and the mess was preventing you from accidentally visiting. But that’s just humorous speculation.
    Damn, there is some serious energy issue in your closet, though. Something needs to be cleared away when your objects rebel like that. Sorry you got a bit of shock. Glad to know you’re alive.

  3. I was shocked because I gripped the plug in such a way that my fingertips came into contact with the prongs before they were de-energized. Everybody repeat after me, “Dumbass!”
    Energy, you say? Hmm, perhaps all the technojunk is intercepting the house’s chi and creating some sort of cyber-haunt. Or perhaps a Narn was trying to assassinate me.

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