Weekend Update

This weekend was rather disappointing. For much of Saturday, I was occupied with work-related issues. Sunday was hardly more rewarding, though I did at last complete my Weird Sound Generator.

Weird Science

Now, let’s turn from the WSG to BSG. After diligently clicking away from any potential Internet spoilers, I finally got to watch the return of Battlestar Galactica thanks to the magic of TiVO. I thought the mid-season cliffhanger was brilliant. Of course, I also thought Farscape’s final scene was brilliant- after all that Aeryn and John have been through and done, in the end, they’re mowed down for trespassing. Genius!

Now, what I didn’t particularly care for was the wait of almost a year to find out What Happens Next, and I must admit that by the time the ads for the new episodes rolled around, I was only mildly curious as to the answer to that question. And I really didn’t care much who the Last Cylon was. That revelation came as no real shock, as they planted the idea way, way, way back when Baltar invented the Cylon detector. What did surprise me was the existence of other Cylons.

What I suspect we will learn is that Earth just happens to be about 2,000 light years from the Colonies. Some of the Cylons of Earth, having knowledge of their Impending Doom™, found a way to encode themselves as pure information, and then transmitted the information in the direction of the Colonies. The signal reached the Colonies and was received by the Colonial Cylons. The signal overwrote their Colonial programming, replacing it with programming from Earth. This programming resulted in the war, the creation of hybrids, and finally the return of the bio-Cylons. Of course, this scenario raises the question of how the Earth Cylons could know that the Colonies would have their own Cylons to receive the signal.

Now, even if the above happens to be proven incorrect, there’s at least one more very good question. First of all, who nuked Earth? We were all too ready to believe that the Cylons reached Earth first, perhaps even during the Cylon War, and we were also ready to believe the anvilicious idea that Earth nuked itself, which still may prove to be the case. However, think back to Kobol. In more than one instance, the Colonial gods were spoken of not as abstract personifications, but as tangible beings. So perhaps Earth was the recipient of the wrath of the gods.

Then there’s the question of the corpse of Kara Thrace. Though it wouldn’t be a terribly original idea, perhaps there’s some kind of Keeper of Earth waiting for the return of the bio-Cylons. When Starbuck’s ship fell into the vortex, it was actually wormholed to Earth, where she would have been given a sign by the Keeper and then be sent back to lead the others. Unfortunately, she crashed. The Keeper then had no choice but to extract what memories it could from the corpse and then implant them into a clone.

Finally, there’s the question of what role Hera, the hybrid child of human and Cylon, has to play in the future. If the idea of wrathful space gods turns out to be true, then perhaps it’s the case that the gods themselves are human-Cylon hybrids from an even earlier trip around the wheel.

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