Weekend Review

My goodness, what a weekend! What a dull weekend! I suppose I could get all pedantic and say that it was the most boring weekend of the year, due to this being the first and only weekend of the year. On the other hand, I could equally well say that it was the most exciting weekend of the year. But I have decided that I am feeling generous and so shall spare you the geek "humor".

I have further decided that I should "get out more" which I could have easily done Wednesday, possibly Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, if I’d have had a specific destination to to get to. Sure, I could have just gone "out" and wandered aimlessly hither and thither, but that seemed sure to be a pointless excursion.

Maybe that should be my resolution. Not a New Year’s Resolution, of course, as that would be a sure way to ensure that it never happens. Just a general resolution that happens to have been made at the beginning of the year. We’ll see.

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Review”

  1. I call it “following my nose”. Some days I figure I just have to get away from the keyboard and monitor, out of the house and go somewhere. Anywhere. I grab my keys, my cell phone and my id and get in the car, usually heading east (no particular reason why, except that my street runs east/west). By the time I reach the stop sign, I’ve usually thought up a semi-interesting destination, and about halfway to that destination, it hits me where I *really* want to go. Call it The Birth of an Excursion.

  2. Saturday was a washout here… I had big plans to be productive, but then I was tired from not sleeping the night before.
    Sunday was productive. I got quite a bit done. Which in no way means it was an interesting weekend. It most certainly was anything but that. But at least I felt pretty good about it.

  3. We went and rode the new lightrail – it was pretty fun, though my ten year old was a bit freaked out every time it stopped. Then again, he’s not good in elevators, either, so I think it was a sort of claustrophobic thing. The weather was nice.

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