Thus Another Weekend Passes

Oh my, where does the time go. It seems like I just wrote a post about a dull weekend, and now I’m writing another. And the previous week’s post is still visible. Fortunately for me, the folk who brought us NaBloPoMo are continuing last year’s tradition of declaring a theme for each month of the year to inspire otherwise uninspired folks like myself. The theme for January (which is, I admit, nearly half-over already) is change.

What’s something I’d like to change? Well, as I complained mentioned last week, I’ve come to the astounding realization that sitting at home is boring. I resolved to "get out of the house" and have a particular activity and destination in mind when I did so. And much to my delight and surprise, it happened.

This Wednesday, I went to a game night held by a local community center. It was fun and casual, and I made some nice acquaintances over pizza, beer, and Trivial Pursuit.

Then, on Saturday, I went to a dinner party. It was a big dinner party, and in a rather small house, and so was rather crowded. Since I dislike crowds, I ended up spending most of my time on the porch with the smokers. I suppose there would be some that would tell me that by doing so, I actually missed out on the event, much as one would miss out on a roller coaster by riding it with one’s eyes closed. "You should have been in that sea of opportunity, networking!" they’d chide. "Mingle! Circulate! Network! Netwooooork!"

Uh, right. Some people are energized by such loud and chaotic situations, and some find such situations stressful and draining. I’m in the latter group. Given the choice of being squeezed into a room with a bunch of folks trying too hard to be friendly, or casually drinking a beer on a porch and remarking on the brightness of the moon, I’d definitely prefer the latter.

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4 thoughts on “Thus Another Weekend Passes”

  1. I definitely agree with you on this one. I enjoy social events, but not when they are crowded and noisy and stuffy. I get kind of claustrophobic. I’d have been out on the porch howling at–excuse me, enjoying–the moon, too. Wasn’t it incredible? I find more kindred types when I wander outside, too.

  2. Mr. Dead Robot… I, too, dislike networking. I prefer to simply think of it as actively participating in community. Which I do enjoy. I like having connections with people.
    I guess I could go either way… there certainly have been times when I’ve been perfectly happy right in the thick of the noise and commotion… however, that is usually in some family setting or among people I know well. If the gathering is not composed of family or people I know well, I would definitely prefer not to be in the middle of loud chaos. And either way, I probably wouldn’t tolerate it for long.
    Your description of drinking a beer on a porch while noting the brightness of the moon certainly does sound far preferable. Additionally, if you’re getting to know people, it’s nice to be able to chat without needing to shout or constantly be interrupted.

  3. I hate the forced chattiness. I would have been out on the porch as well. That’s a reason why I enjoy going places with my kids…if I don’t feel like being in the chattiness, I can go hang out with my kids.
    I know, I’m terrible. But at least I don’t smoke with them, ha ha.

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