Alas, the fun, festivity and frivolity of Holidailies has come to an end. This will have been my 23rd Holidailies post, thus exceeding the "realistic" goal of twenty posts by three. Yes! No shame of defeat for me!

The final prompt of the challenge is epiphany. I was only dimly aware that a holiday of that name exists. What a fabulous idea for a holiday, the celebration of a flash of insight! We could celebrate Sir Isaac Newton’s fabled conk on the head which led eventually to the invention of calculus. We could celebrate Friedrich August Kekulé and his dream of snakes that led him to discover the molecular structure of benzene. We could celebrate Archimedes in his bathtub, and all the other Eureka moments.

I see that the actual Epiphany commemorates the arrival of the kings of Orient in Bethlehem. I was always under the impression that their arrival was perfectly timed to the birth, as they are almost always present in nativity scenes. Making things even odder is the fact that by this time of year, most people have long since taken down their mangers, angels and other Christmas paraphernalia. In fact, by about noon on Christmas, I’d say everyone’s spent themselves in the modern-day orgy of consumerism and won’t be ready to have another go until Backoween commences sometime in, what is it now, July? Or have we sunk so far that Back-to-School sales start before the school year is out?

Anyway, you can imagine how the kings might feel about their holiday nowadays, latecomers to the party, bearing wine and snacks, not knowing that coffee has already been served, or worse, that the hostess is already hungover.

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4 thoughts on “Epiphanies”

  1. Good entry. I always wondered about the creche scene with the Magi already present, too, but who said religion had to follow the law of logic? Magically, their spirits attended. How’s that for religiosity?
    I like a holiday that celebrates the “Aha!” moments of life. Sadly, there’s no money to be made, so it will remain a quiet little celebration of cerebration.

  2. Sari, I like Backoween, too. First thing I thought of as I read it: good word.
    Congrats on completing Holidailies, Erik! I’m afraid I was a dismal failure. I just took too much vacation from my comp after finishing school… and I was sick.
    I’ll get back into the swing of it soon, though. I have lots of movies and books I need to blog about.
    And speaking of, I need to recommend The Accidental Time Machine by Joe Haldeman if you haven’t read it. I just finished it… excellent. Just excellent. You’ll enjoy the science in it probably even more than I did. Great story, though, either way.

  3. Sarah, Sari, TitanTK: Thanks! I think I made that word up myself, at least I can’t recall ever having heard it before. Please, steal it. I’d love to see it in the dictionary. :)

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