Project Fogstorm

Here’s the story. I traveled for Christmas. I went to the Sierras. I was going to use my Bluetooth trick to stay online, but that didn’t quite work. I was staying on the outskirts of town where the cell signal was weak to begin with. On top of that, the building that I was in was basically a giant Faraday cage. I was in a giant dead zone, but without a cast of oddball characters to warn me away. ("The towels are scratchy! And the yard has crabgrass!") I did find a place that had a sketchy WiFi signal, but I didn’t want to stay there too long, so I didn’t.

Anyway, I did not get my wish for a Christmas fogstorm. Instead, I got the old White Christmas treatment.


The next day, I almost went spelunking. Unfortunately, the trip was not as well planned as it should have been and the place was closed by the time we got there. As a consolation prize, I was taken this morning to a gigantic sporting goods store that featured not only an electronic shooting range and a Ferris Wheel, but also a Hall of Presidents type of exhibit.


I didn’t really get a chance to get a full overview of the place’s wares, as I had to go catch my flight. The airport was being remodeled, and as a result, an unusual poster had been posted in a couple of places.


There are plenty of places where a beefy construction worker waving a wand wouldn’t look out of place. Maybe for my next vacation, I’ll go somewhere like that.

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3 thoughts on “Project Fogstorm”

  1. I am so in love with the fact that he’s holding a wand. That is awesome! If only he had a fluffy tutu over the construction belt it would be perfect. Hehehe.
    Dang, Erik… I was really looking forward to photos of a fog storm. I like the snow on the bike, though. Even less fun than scraping snow off a car! LOL!

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